“It’s all in the details…. outdoor rooms (a.k.a. veranda, loggia …)

I figured a good time to do this post was April 1st.  In Maryland, March can still be a bit cold but usually by April, we are starting to slowly warm up and we are feeling energized to be outside.  When Gregory and I were designing our home, one of the things that was most important to us, was our outdoor rooms.  Once the weather gets warm enough, we do everything outside and I do mean everything.  We usually eat all meals on our screened porch, we take naps on one of our porches… you get the idea.  I believe an outdoor room can be just as cozy and inviting as any indoor space with the bonus of a fresh breeze.  You also have so many amazing products that are designed to be either outside or in covered outdoor spaces, that there really is no limit to what you can do.  Again, in my usual style, I am going to share with you some “outdoor rooms” that I have done, as well as some outdoor rooms that have provided me with inspiration for projects.

This is a clients veranda that overlooks a large pond.  It is elevated so the view is excellent and it catches a lot of breeze.  The furniture was existing and all we did was amp up the aesthetics with a great fabric on the cushions and pillows and some outdoor accessories and fan.

The three pics above are different outdoor spaces at my house.  Once the temperature rises above 65 degrees, we eat all our meals at this table.

Now on to my all time favorite Loggia spaces by some of the best names in design.  The following two images, one by Robert Brown (HB, August 2009) and the other one by the grand diva of decadent design, Charlotte Moss Veranda August 2008).  If you took elements from both of these spaces, I have designed a loggia for a client in the D.C. area that has the best of both of these.  It is just starting construction so I can’t wait to show you the photos of the project when it is complete!

The next image is another amazing space that McAlpine, Booth, Ferrier created for a Nashville Family.  To this day, this image captures me in a way, few do.  If you look closely, it looks a lot like the spring catalog from Restoration Hardware???? I think they were captured by this project too.

I hope this beautiful spring Easter weekend gets you thinking about your outdoor rooms or how to add outdoor spaces to your home.  Enjoy!