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"It's all in the details……."

Month: February, 2010

“it’s all in the details….windowseats”

I am an avid fan of window seats.  I just think they add a cozy appeal to a room that a chair can’t.  It is the perfect place to take a book and curl up while the world goes by.  I incorporate window seats in my projects whenever possible.  Window seats don’t have to be a “cottage” style aesthetic.  Depending on the style of the project, you can use a variety of upholstery details and styles to create a window seat that is unique.  Below are images of some windowseats from my projects and some that I have used as inspiration.

This window seat is in a home that has a view to the Chesapeake Bay.  The client is an avid reader and she and her husband wanted a cozy place to curl up and read while still enjoying the view.  The swing arm scones give the needed reading light.  On this window seat, I opted to do a fully upholstered base to give the extra warmth of more fabric. 

This windowseat is in my very own Master Bedroom.  It too has a view of the water and is a really great place for me to read my magazines or design books while my entire family (husband and 3 kids and 1 dog) pile in my bed to watch a movie!

This is a windowseat in a clients townhouse kitchen.  She loves being surrounded by windows and natural light and this space doesn’t lack light!

These window seats offer more than meets the eye (sorry for the less than perfect photo, it is the only one I have).  When you remove the seat cushion, these window seats open out to be a full size twin bed.  The front panel folds down and the mechanism pulls out.  It was the perfect solution for this client’s families farm-house that several times a year needs to accommodate a large number of guests. 

Any room can have a windowseat.  Notice the windowseats in this dining room, flanking the fireplace.  Photographer James Parker.

Lastly, this is a windowseat that was just recently installed in a clients kitchen/breakfast nook.  This space works not only as the clients casual dining area but also a place to work on the laptop or read. 

If you have any inspirational windowseat installation pics… I’d love to see them!

If you haven’t already voted for your favorite young designer in the Traditional Home’s “20 Young Designers to watch for 2010”.  You still have time (until the end of March).  Go to and vote for me!  When you vote, you are also entering a drawing to have one of the “20 Young Designers” come and design a space for you with Duralee fabric!


“It’s all in the details…..”

This is the first post in my series… “it’s all in the details…”.  When I meet with new clients, the first thing they say is that they love my attention to detail.  It is what drives me, it is the thing that gets me most excited about a project.  Some clients are more open to “going the extra mile” and allowing me to incorporate a high level of detail and some are not as willing.  These beautiful, little details, whether it is a “trim on a pillow or skirt” or it is a layering effect of trays and other items on a table scape, they all cost $$.   I am always thankful to the client who appreciates these details.  A designer that really emulates great details is another Erin, Erin Martin.  I often look to her for inspiration.  A home she did that was recently published in the August 2009 House Beautiful, really took detail to a new level.  I have incorporated some of these details and others into recent projects but I am sharing some pics of Erin’s projects from the HB August issue.  If you look at these types of details and your mouth waters, we have a lot in common!  Look for my next details post later this week!

Don’t you just love the wallpaper with the headboard…. and the pillows on the chaise!!!!


I love the little “pillows” on the backs of the chairs!!

Inspiring Images from the NY Gift Fair

When all of us are looking for some type of inspiration to make us think of spring, I think of some of the images I saw while at the NY gift fair last week.  One of the booths that really left an impression on me was the Natural Curiosities booth.  They had many beautiful new prints that were cheerful and colorful. Some of my favorites were…

There were other images, not as colorful such as some of Peter Dunham’s that could be added to a colorful room to make a strong visual statement.  I can just imagine these in a black and yellow room, over a sofa or fireplace.  I just love all Natural Curiosities new things and will definitely look for a home for some of these in my upcoming projects!!!!

Design in the Social Media age

I am honored to have been selected as one of the “20 Young Designer’s to watch in 2010” by Traditional Home magazine in their March issue.  In addition to this great honor, it has also made we aware of the growing influence of the Social Media scene.  In hours from the magazine hitting the shelves, I had calls from social media firms from all over the U.S. wanting to help promote me by way of social media.  It made me realize that I needed to figure what all this was about.  I started by updating my website and personal Facebook accounts.  I then, started a Facebook business page.  The last thing that I was told I needed was a blog.  I wasn’t sure what I would say in a blog if I started one.  I thought on it for a month and decided that I may have more to say than I realize.  I am not only a designer but am part of a family of design professionals.  Our lives revolve around design and it is the common topic of conversation at our house.  I decided that I would start my blog and focus on trying to help non-design oriented (people and design people too), understand what makes good design good from my perspective.  I hope you will enjoy my posts and follow me!  Also, go to and vote for your favorite young designer- hopefully it will be me!