“It’s all in the details… finding the perfect artwork for a project that completes the space…”

by Erin Paige Pitts

I was in High Point last week for the fall market and one of the things that I focused on the most was finding artwork for current projects.   Finding just the right artwork and accessories really makes a good project a great project.  It gives a residence a sense of completion in a way nothing else can.  Artwork doesn’t always mean investment quality original works.  There are so many sources for gorgeous limited edition prints that have as much aesthetic bang for your buck as an expensive original oil painting.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites and I am sure you will quickly realize there are is some great artwork out there to fit every budget. 

For any of you who know me or closely follow my work.  I love the sea and everything about the water.  I do a lot of waterfront residence and am always looking for appropriate artwork.  Seahorses and Starfish are among my greatest loves.  Here are some stunning seahorse and starfish prints.


I have also always loved garden plans but had never seen them in this lovely shade of light blue…

Last… who can not resist images of children frolicking in the water or playing with their hola hoops… perfect for a beach house!

I am also always looking for fish, crab or lobster prints that aren’t the typical.  These are hand colored and each one looks like an original watercolor.  I fell in love with these instantly…

I hope these images brought you some renewed excitement and it has urged you to make your interiors complete with the addition of some great prints and artwork.  If you love what you see but don’t know how to put it all together, I am always happy to take on artwork consulting projects in addition to full interiors projects.  Before starting my own interiors firm, one of my positions was as a fine art consultant to corporations and private collectors for Renaissance Fine Art. 

Always, feel free to contact me at erin@erinpaigepittsinteriors.com  if you have any questions!