“It’s all in the details, shopping Hamptons style….”

by Erin Paige Pitts

I just returned from a week out in the Hampton’s with some great friends and family.  As you all know, the Hampton’s is aesthetic overload.  Virtually everything is beautiful and well designed. This is mostly due to the fact that the most influential fashion and interior designers out of New York City have homes there.  I enjoyed a lovely afternoon strolling through South Hampton with my friend and relative, Deborah Pitts.  As an avid lover of Coastal Design and anything to do with the sea, there were so many shops that appealed to me.  I took a few quick pics of my favorites to share.

There is never a doubt in anyone’s mind that Ralph Lauren knows how to do coastal blue and whites the best.  I just love this little cabana vignette outside his home store.

Inside the home store, I was totally smitten by his new collection of blue and white dinnerware.  It was all I could do not to leave with a place setting for 12!  It is blue and white without being precious.  That is what makes Ralph Lauren’s designs so incredible and appealing.

Our next stop is one of Deborah’s favorites… Privet House.  She wanted me to see the beautiful hurricane’s they fill with shells and starfish.  They are done well and are a perfect addition to any coastal home.

The Privet House also had the most amazing coral display I’ve ever seen.  All types of coral including blue coral, one of my favorites! 

Lastly, we stopped in this amazing floral shop.  I am unable to recall the name of the store but the table just inside is an amazing sight.  The selection of orchids and other beautiful floral and fauna was a total feast!

I look forward to another visit the Hampton’s again this September.  It is a place I simply can’t get enough of!

Have a spectacular 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!