It’s all in the details… the ultimate kitchen appliance… the Miele refrigerator and freezer…”

by Erin Paige Pitts

I was with a client selecting appliances for a kitchen project today.  I am always interested in seeing what is the latest advancement in kitchen appliances.   Today, when reviewing all the refrigerator options, my heart stopped and I feel in love.  The new Miele refrigerators and freezers are not only beautifully designed but they are well designed from a functional point of view. 

the refrigerator unit…..

the companion freezer unit…..

The most striking difference, which these photos don’t allow you to appreciate, is that the compressor unit is on the bottom of the unit, not the top of the unit, like Sub-Zero.  Therefore, the compressor is where the toe tick area would normally be and is wasted space anyway.  This allows the doors to be taller and the crisper drawers to be at a height that allows you to open them without having to bend over! 

In addition, the metal baskets in the freezer are just the most  beautiful design, too pretty to hide!

Both my client and I were in awe, and no other refrigerator we looked at could compare to the beauty and function of the new Miele!   If you are in the market for a 48″ wide refrigerator/freezer, you must check this out!