“It’s all in the details…..”

by Erin Paige Pitts

This is the first post in my series… “it’s all in the details…”.  When I meet with new clients, the first thing they say is that they love my attention to detail.  It is what drives me, it is the thing that gets me most excited about a project.  Some clients are more open to “going the extra mile” and allowing me to incorporate a high level of detail and some are not as willing.  These beautiful, little details, whether it is a “trim on a pillow or skirt” or it is a layering effect of trays and other items on a table scape, they all cost $$.   I am always thankful to the client who appreciates these details.  A designer that really emulates great details is another Erin, Erin Martin.  I often look to her for inspiration.  A home she did that was recently published in the August 2009 House Beautiful, really took detail to a new level.  I have incorporated some of these details and others into recent projects but I am sharing some pics of Erin’s projects from the HB August issue.  If you look at these types of details and your mouth waters, we have a lot in common!  Look for my next details post later this week!

Don’t you just love the wallpaper with the headboard…. and the pillows on the chaise!!!!


I love the little “pillows” on the backs of the chairs!!